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A lot of life

Hi everyone, my name is Jon Wage and I am a friend of Kris. We’ve worked together over the last several years in the open source world and we work together now at OpenSky. I am posting this for Kris to help him and his family get through a difficult time.

As many of you may already know Kris and his family have been dealing with, as Kris would put it, “a lot of life” lately. His wife, Franya, was diagnosed with breast cancer last October. Until a few weeks ago she was not experiencing any symptoms. She’s declined rapidly since then and is now experiencing acute liver failure and has been moved to hospice. I want to ask you all to take a moment and send whatever you have be it prayers, thoughts, love towards Kris and his three young children.

What can I do?

Donate $ - Money doesn’t solve any problems but it can sure help make a bad situation more comfortable. If you are able and feeling generous a financial donation can be made on Paypal…

Tweet at Kris - Kris gains strength from comments from the community around the world. So if you have a moment send him a tweet @kriswallsmith. It does not have to be anything profound, just let him know that he’s got people all around this big blue globe thinking about him and his family.

Connect on Caring Bridge - You can keep up with Kris and Franya here on Caring Bridge. You can leave a note for them there and write a personal message.

More Information

Blog post from Kris where he first shared with the world that his wife had breast cancer

Oct 17th 2011 Franya discovered a lump in her breast during her pregnancy with Sonja. Anyone who has been pregnant knows how the breasts can change during pregnancy. Sonja was born, Franya’s milk came in no problem but the lump persisted and so Franya went in to have it checked out. Breast cancer was detected, more tests were done and it was determined to be metastatic breast cancer.

August 15th 2012 Franya and I have been dealing with this cancer diagnosis for over a year now. During that time she has been asymptomatic until 2 weeks ago. Now the disease has progressed and she is experiencing symptoms. We met with her oncologist yesterday and decided to go back into chemotherapy, starting next week.

August 24th 2012 Franya has acute liver failure. Her attending, a very kind female doctor, told me this morning that she has days to weeks. I will be meeting with the palliative care team this afternoon to discuss measures to keep Franya comfortable, but they do not think she is in any pain. She is very fatigued and in an “altered mental state” because of the toxins in her body.

August 26th 2012 Seven years ago tonight, Franya and I were awaiting the arrival of Sadie. If I didn’t know how strong the woman I married was before then, I quickly learned that night. Franya handled the turbulence of that night with grace and confidence, qualities she has exemplified during our time together as partners and parents.

Tomorrow we will celebrate Sadie and the start of her eighth trip around the sun. If you will be joining us, please bring plenty of love and joy. Sadie and Max were both overwhelmed when I told them that their mother is in hospice and what means. They cried, they wailed, they bounced back, they wailed, asked questions, we snuggled…

There is so much to be thankful for, I am overwhelmed. My three beautiful children, these years with my beautiful wife, the god-sent community of which we are a part. So many blessings.

August 26th 2012 “My wife has passed. May her journey continue smoothly.”